Even a bee has a sting to use in emergency situation

Have you ever met a person who is bootlicker? How do you feel? disgusted? pitiful? angry? For me I have been a person who tries to be warm and kind to everybody. Yet sometimes we need to teach a person of how to behave and never underestimate a person. Why? Because everyone is created equal and should be respected equally. That’s what we called mutual respect.

I’ve worked in many working environment with different people through my life. There was this a moment when I had enough with this colleague. I put my innocent and grumpy face because of what this person did to me. Have you ever experienced of trying to be blamed for something that you never did?or to be someone whose work is acclaimed by this bootlicker? saying that our work was done by this annoying person?

I have.. so that day I was becoming someone else. No smile beautified my face. I was running out of good mood disgusted with such bad attitude. Lucky me I was able to write this article to put the bad memory into writing unless this experience would ruin my future days in workplace.

I got one personal insight from this experience. “I am a bee and even a bee has a sting to use in emergency situation” So never underestimate my capability!



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